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  • How do I Sign Up?
    If you do not already have an account set up with Sign Up you will need to "Sign Up for service". Simply select the new account button. Orders can be placed once we have the completed paperwork.
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  • How do I place my order with you?
    Our office hours are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

    1) Call our office number at (480) 831-9900

    2) Fax our office at (480) 831-6603.

    3) Place the Order Online.

    Our voice and e-mail are monitored throughout the day during normal business hours.
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  • How long does it take Sign Up to complete my order?
    If your order is received during regular business hours, our installer will receive your order the next morning and will have 2 days to complete, providing it is in our normal service area. Please see our map to reference the parameters of the general service areas.

    Our installers try very hard to complete all work orders on the very day they receive the order from our office. There are times, however, that they may have only one order in an area, which is why we permit them 2 days to complete.
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  • What if I want to request a specific installation day?
    We do our best at complying with the customers request, however, we cannot guarantee this. With the price of fuel, our installers will route their orders for each day with the best possible solution to meet all customer's needs.
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  • The homeowner wants you to call prior to install. Is this possible?
    It has always been Sign Up's policy to limit our communication to be between the realtor and Sign Up. Should the homeowner request anything special, please make sure this information is relayed to us on the order, prior to going to the property.
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  • Can Sign Up put the riders on my signs?
    There is no problem in hanging any riders providing that you have them in your inventory or have left them at the property. If they are left at the property, we will need to be notified on the work order of the location.
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  • Can Sign Up have the installer meet me at the property?
    Sign Up will do its best to make accommodations for this. However, due to our high volume, we cannot set specific times. Our installers can call you 1 hour prior to being at the property.
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  • What happens to my riders when the post is removed?
    Normally we suggest that riders are removed prior to ordering the removal. If that isn't convenient, our installer will remove the riders when removing the post. They will be stored in our inventory. We strongly suggest that your name be written on all riders that are left at the property so they will be identifiable.

    When ordering your removals you can also request the any signs or riders to left at the property for you to pick up.
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  • What about the placement of the post?
    We suggest that either the realtor or the property owner flag the location on where you want the post to be installed. You will also need to indicate on your order these instructions, so that the installer will know to look for the flagged location.

    Suggested markers would be a flag or a stake with a ribbon. If there was no flag and placement is incorrect and we have to move the post, there will be a charge.
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  • What about installing on raw land or a lot?
    This is usually not a problem as long as the property is marked in some way. You may also want to consider faxing a map showing the property and the location of where to look for the flag.

    If the property is not marked, our installer will try to use his best judgment as to the placement of the post. Sometimes, with land, this is not possible, so as to avoid having the post placed on the wrong parcel. If there was no flag and placement is incorrect and we have to move the post, there will be a charge.
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  • What if the homeowner or tenant refuse the installation?
    Should the homeowner or tenant refuse to allow our installer access to the property for placement of the post, you will be notified. There is a trip charge for this.
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  • What happens in the case of an HOA , gated community or specific city regulations?
    Our installers comply with any HOA regulations as best to their knowledge. It is ultimately the responsibility for the agent to check with the home owner's association for regulations.

    Sign Up has to have access to gated communities if there is to be an installation at the property. If a gate code is need, it should be provided on the order. If there is a guard gate, permission for access should be given prior to our trip to the property.
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  • What if you do not store my signs?
    Sign Up will install a post only. At your request, we can notify you once the post is up or you can leave the sign at the property for our installer to hang. Having the installer hang signs left at the property will need to be indicated on the work order and the sign left in a location visible for the installer.
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