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The following is to provide our clients the information needed to help give you the best service possible:


Orders received after these hours may delay your order , as they will not be written until the next working day. Many of our installers have already left with their work for the day by the time the office has opened. Therefore, if an order is not written up until the following morning the installer will not get the paperwork until the day following that.

TELEPHONE ORDERS: 480-831-9900        FAX: 480-831-6603

We do try to answer all calls, however, sometimes during peak hours our phone lines are extremely busy. We do have a voice message service that you can place orders. Orders left on the voice messaging service during business hours are checked within 30 minutes of your call.


The following information is needed for any orders:

    • Company name / agent name
    • Contact phone number
    • Whether the order is an installation, removal or callback
    • Property address including the city and crossroads (if available)
    • If there is an HOA you will need to specify any special instructions
    • Gate code
    • Any special instructions

Many times we receive orders that are sent to our office without a cover sheet or any indication of who the fax is from. It would be very helpful if all orders would clearly identify you, your company and a contact phone for any questions.

Because there are several cities within the metropolitan area it is very important that the city is always part of the address request.

Please indicate if the property we are to install a sign at is a lot or a house. Indicate if you would like the sign to be placed in a certain location. If it is not indicated our installer will place the sign in the location he deems is best for visibility. Flagging the location you desire is always useful for vacant lots and special placements. If the location is not indicated and Sign Up needs to move the sign / post after the initial installation a trip charge will apply.

Signs need to be called down by the address in which they were originally called up. All installations are put into our computer exactly the way they are received from you. Once that sign has come down, our office archives the site in the computer. If a sign is called down differently than it was called up we can't always locate it in the computer to remove it from active status. The original address then stays in the computer as active and shows up at some point on your billing as a post extension charge.

Sign Up charges a trip charge for any trips to a property due to incorrerct or insufficient information given upon receipt of order, including lack of gate code or locked gate, etc.

Sign Up accepts Mastercard and Visa. Agents are billed on a monthly basis and credit cards charges within the first week of the invoice date. Outstanding invoices of more than 45 days are subject to suspension of services until the account is brought current.

Sign Up requests that only Sign Up installers remove or install our posts. If a property owner or agent elects to make changes to the installation all liability for such action shall be the responsibility of the property owner or agent. City and county regulations are in force to prevent accidents. Some sign posts cannot be placed in some easement areas or on certain corners due to these regulations.